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“To Love The Rose,”  A sensual story that takes a reader through triumph and tragedy...genius and insanity. The in-depth look at the characters that inspired the thriller series to come, starting with C Street...

“C Street,”   A story that begs the question...is this the reality of true power? Murder, sex, drugs and gold equal an unparalleled world within governments.  A world hidden behind the veil of a self-proclaimed CWP...all to maintain power and control.  A voyeurs view of an elite, privy to it all, facing death as he talked and dictated about a world few ever know. The eternal on switch of a genius mind, engulfed by governments and world power. Those stories inspired the fictional tale of C Street and the future series of novels.

 “The Casey Anthony Murder Trial,” The desire to preserve a complete history of this trial, in real time, and in one book. This book was written as a chronicle to assure that this trial would not go quietly into the night. A readable trial transcript. This was not a creative endeavor. We would never choose to create such a story.

 “Wounded Warriors,” Written with Matrix Filia.  This story was inspired by soldiers who shared their stories and struggles with PTSD with us over a period of more than 20 years. Although “Wounded Warriors” deals with a very serious subject, we have presented it though the tale of two brothers and their post-war reunion trip. We designed the book not to be in a scholarly tone or a cure for PTSD,  but to present thought-provoking ideas in an entertaining manner.