C Street

C Street ~ Claudette Walker

“C Street,”   A story that begs the question...is this the reality of true power? Murder, sex, drugs and gold equal an unparalleled world within governments.  A world hidden behind the veil of a self-proclaimed CWP...all to maintain power and control.  A voyeurs view of an elite, privy to it all, facing death as he talked and dictated about a world few ever know. The eternal on switch of a genius mind, engulfed by governments and world power. Those stories inspired the fictional tale of C Street and the future series of novels.


Review "C Street", by Claudette Walker

SUBJECT:  Exotic, erotic thriller had me blushing 50 Shades of Red

"C Street" is such a powerful, heart-pounding thriller, it now resides on the same shelf as Gerald A. Browne, Nelson deMille & William Diehl. It was filled with so much searing sensuality, my mother would have had it on the top shelf where I wasn't supposed to be able to reach it.

With a background in investigative journalism I learned that's not easy to get to the heart of the matter … and even harder to have the courage to speak the truth. Claudette Walker has done both ... and put "The Way the World Works" in the context of a powerful, glamorous, fast-paced thriller.

My favorite part of reading a thriller is taking a trip to exotic locales, and C Street did not disappoint. Walker's heroine takes us on a breathtaking journey from Washington DC, Geneva, London, Manhattan, Costa Rica and Israel. Add to that mix believable, unforgettable characters and just enough description to make the reader feel at home in each and every scene.

Against a background of unimaginable wealth, power, and intrigue we learn more than we ever wanted to know about the inner workings of intelligence agencies and government, where the abuse of power often has violent global repercussions. However, no one she encounters is any match for the wits of the worldly, intelligent, and passionate Jacqueline Rose.

There had better be a sequel to this one. The surprise ending left me breathless with anticipation. KUDOS to this talented and powerful author! Review by, Pj Schott

"Yea got that right...C Street was really HOT" Del Fox

"That hologram idea was genius!" Thank you, Francine Haertel.

"Your books are Masterpieces! You will be absorbed into the depths of brilliant creative writing once you read any of these masterpieces by Author Claudette Walker and Matrix Filia!" ~ Sergio Lebid

Sergio Lebid, NanoSpire Project

"Tape No. 35 and an appearance via hologram!" Thank you, Pj Schott. 

Chilling, exhaustively researched, and slyly humorous, Claudette Walker's "C Street" is a well-painted and entertaining spy service portrait that strikes all too close to the realities of corrupt governance in America.

The corrupt government agents are painted real as the world and with twice the size ego, the settings are vivid and well-researched, and the heroine is a sympathetic, tragic, intensely human figure. A recommended read!

As an essay into the mentalities that control America, it is nothing less than a stunning psychological indictment of the madness that can happen when the most powerful forces in America go corrupt.

Props to Ms. Walker on a wonderful novel!  --F.A. Seidman, entrepreneur and grandson of former FDIC Chairman Bill Seidman

It's the best thing you'll have read in a long time. You won't be able to put it down. Linda Leipziger

My dear friend, Claudette Walker is one of the most amazing writers of 2012! See for yourself, my friends....Meg Collins 

Amazon http://www.amazon.com/C-Street-Claudette-Walker/dp/0971629250

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The intrigue you masterfully create is magnificent...Zna Trainer

--what a superb book and a GREAT ending-- which REALLY leaves the reader wanting more (immediately)! I'm so proud of you! Leanne Coffman

It's the best thing you'll have read in a long time. You won't be able to put it down. ~ Linda Leipzinger

Well, finished the book after a second reading and it's a ripper folks! ~ Ralph Swanson

Haven't had a spare minute lately, so I'm still in U.S. but back from Israel. Not a problem to drag this book out, because I really don't want it to end. And it's actually good, since I won't remember much by the time I finish and can start reading it all over again!! ~ Pj Schott
Excellent thrilling masterful work by my friend, Claudette Walker! ~ Sergio Lebid

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