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C Street ~ Claudette Walker


My 5-Star Review of "To Love The Rose" (Is Washington Stoned?)

Danielle Steel meets Tom Clancy

... is how I describe this book to my friends who have not read it. To my enormous delight, I recently discovered Claudette Walker, now hot on the block of international political thrillers. Thank God "To Love The Rose" has a sequel, since I grew extremely attached to her characters, all of which were developed exquisitely. Claudette Walker's excellent sense of place fittingly took me back to some of my old haunts ... San Francisco, Washington D.C,, Florida, and New York City. Her depiction of the U.S. political climate, as well as the U.S. role on the world stage is spot on. "To Love The Rose" provides an insider's view of power, high finance, government and the people who live in these worlds. I am now reading Walker's second book, "C Street" with even greater amazement at her knowledge of global intrigue and high-level maneuvers. I have always believed that to pursue truth one must read fiction and there is much truth in this extraordinary author's romantic thriller. ~ Pj Schott




"Simply stated, C Street by Claudette Walker is an unforgettable novel. It is a must read for anyone who enjoys intrigue, enigmas and haunting memories of a fulfilling thriller."  Laura Schultz Book Reviewer http://www.lauraschultznow.com/blog.html

"Your book is like a conversation with Ian Fleming! Way to recall the atmosphere of 007. Dan Brown has a page-turner competitor! Bravo!"

25-time Emmy award winning, journalist and novelist Michael Cogdill - C Street Book Reviewer, book back  http://www.she-rain.blogspot.com/

"Just finished it. Wow. The farther I got into it the harder it was to put down.
I absolutely loved it. Thanks for the journey."  Randy S. of  Florida  

"One of the best books I've read this year.....right up there with good ole' James Patterson! Thanks Claudette!"  Brenda Smith

"C Street is Your Street." Scott Wannberg

"Absolutely incredible book. Don't just buy one. Order two... one for yourself and one for someone you love."  Don Mersel

Two strangers met at Chicago O'Hare Airport ~ because they had one thing in common, both were reading C Street.  Holly & Chris

You're good. It's realistic and I get scared; I've had spook harassment before and I identify strongly with the dead Solomon Rose. Andrew Hall

 Ralph Swanson enjoying the warm Florida weather outside and a good book - Claudette Walker's "C Street".

Congratulations Claudette - and may everyone have the opportunity to read "C Street," I have and from page one it stimulates the brain cells!  Nancy Denofio

I've been hearing about this for months! This one I will pay to see in the theater. Thanks Claudette!"
Lorna Mack

Just wanted to tell you how "disappointed" I was in your book.......that it ended! This was like the season finales of ER, Dallas, etc. How long do I have to wait to pick this... back up? My imagination is running wild! Hope you're almost done with the next, because I may be bugging you frequently! LOL Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this! :-) Brenda Smith

“Claudette's book C STREET is a page turner.” Don Mersel

If a movie of your book gets made, i'll be first in line!  Amy Roberson

"Thank you for "C Street...."I'm REALLY loving C Street. Dirty deeds afoot…" "I'm in Beirut right now…" "I'm enjoying Jacqueline's reaction to Rose's revelations. The best part for me is traveling ... in most of the books I read. Your sense of place really is fantastic." Pj Schott

 C Street is the best book I have ever read. Dr. Diane H.

The book is phenomenal... Renee Hand

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