To Love The Rose

To Love The Rose~ Claudette Walker

“To Love The Rose,”  A sensual story that takes a reader through triumph and tragedy...genius and insanity. The in-depth look at the characters that inspired the thriller series to come, starting with C Street...

Power... Money... Drugs... Sex... Our Government... The Jewish Presidency... CIA... Life... Death... Violence... and Forgiveness

Jacqueline is thrust into adulthood during the 1970’s drug culture. The path she takes will lead her to The Hospital of Mercy in San Francisco, California. During her lonely nights, she finds young interns and cocaine in the research hospitals, and she discovers the fragrant flower of the opium dens high in the canyons of California. The story leads from the drug filled shores of San Francisco's Haight Ashbury to the power elite of Washington D.C., on a flower child's journey into womanhood. The reader will walk with Jacqueline as she experiences the sexual revolution, and grows from a shy girl to a sensual woman.
After her mind-opening experiences in California's drug culture, Jacqueline begins a search for enlightenment. That search will lead her to the political inner circles of Washington D.C. Jacqueline is exposed to the dark side, as she views the massive drug abuse prevalent among the rich and powerful, while she falls in love with the powerful men of the United States Government.


Steel meets Clancy... how I describe this international political thriller. Thank God it has a sequel, I grew extremely attached to her characters, all of which were developed exquisitely. Her depiction the U.S. role on the world stage is spot on. An insider's view of power, finance, government & those who live in these worlds. ~ Pj Schott